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One-Quarter Funded!

This campaign has momentum! We are more than one-quarter funded! Thank you to all contributors.

You can keep tabs on our campaign here:

Here is another reaction we received from a viewer watching the original 16-minute version of COACHING COLBURN:

“Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful movie about your incredible son James. I laughed and cried because my son had Fragile X Syndrome. He died this past March from choking on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He was only 31. Like James, my son brought so much joy to all who knew him, because he could be so funny and he loved those who loved him back. Over 100 friends came to his service because he had really changed lives. That’s why this movie is so important to educate folks that Fragile X is not to be feared, that our children just want to be loved and respected and they have so much to teach the rest of us!”

The new, 27-minute version of COACHING COLBURN will be just as fun and inspirational.

All contributors will receive their digital download of the new, expanded, 27-minute version of Coaching Colburn simultaneously on JULY 22nd, 2016 (National Fragile X Awareness Day).


PLEASE help us spread the word about this much needed film by sharing our IndieGoGo link with your friends, families, colleagues, organizations, lists and social media contacts:

Contact me any time at Thank you for your support.

Jeff Bemiss

Director, Coaching Colburn

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