We created a brand new, 27-minute version of Coaching Colburn to raise awareness of Fragile X. Our goal is to get it on television around the world. Checkout this PREVIEW.

To accomplish our goal, we must fund a major outreach effort for the film. Although Coaching Colburn is a volunteer project, funds are needed for film festival submission, film festival marketing, and to license music used in the film. Please help us by reserving your virtual seat at the Digital Red Carpet Premiere:

July 22nd, 2016
(National Fragile X Awareness Day)

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About the Film

James Colburn, in many ways, is like any other 26 year old man. He watches movies, works, coaches, and plays baseball. Yet there’s something different about James. He was born with a genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome, which results in a spectrum of intellectual and physical disabilities. Although this condition means a lifetime of challenges for James, he remains a child at heart who finds joy in the smallest things and uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire those around him. James is living proof there is love and laughter in the face of autism.

Bonus Scenes

Check out these short clips from COACHING COLBURN!

Meet James's Family

About Fragile X

Fragile X is the most common known cause of autism. It’s also the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability.

What Causes Fragile X?
The “X” in Fragile X stands for the X chromosome, where a single gene senses its own mutation and shuts down. Once dormant, the gene stops producing a protein critical for brain development.
Effects of Fragile X
Fragile X impairs learning, intelligence and behavior. Sufferers are anxious and easily overwhelmed, even during routine activities such as taking a walk, visiting a store, attending school or living at home. Common strengths are a good visual memory, sense of humor, and gift for mimicry.
More Common Than You Think
A million Americans carry the Fragile X mutation, including one in every 150 women. Although up to 85% of affected children are thought to be undiagnosed, one in 4,000 males and one in 5,000 females are estimated to suffer from Fragile X Syndrome.

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My name is Jeff Bemiss. I am an independent filmmaker and film instructor at Trinity College in Connecticut. Last year, my students and I made a 16-minute film called Coaching Colburn, about James Colburn, a young man with Fragile X Syndrome. We shared the film with the Fragile X community and were blown away by the response. […]

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If you haven’t backed this outreach effort yet, NOW IS THE TIME! http://igg.me/at/coachingcolburn Reserve your copy of the brand new, 27-minute version of COACHING COLBURN! FREE PREVIEW Watch Mary Lou Supple Colburn’s delightful memory of one of her son’s early behaviors: http://www.coachingcolburn.com/thesmoker Comments about COACHING COLBURN from FX parents: “My son Cole will be 21 in March. He […]

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VIDEO: Making Coaching Colburn – Part One

A few semesters ago, Trinity College offered an unusually ambitious film production class with the unassuming title “Film 309.” Not listed in the course catalog, students applied to take the class in person and were selected via an interview process. In the end, eleven students were chosen and challenged to conceive, script, shoot, finish and […]

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Film Studies at Trinity College

Meet the people at Trinity College who made COACHING COLBURN possible.

Trinity Film Students

Trinity Film Students

of Film 309

The crew that created Coaching Colburn

Dr. Madalene Spezialetti

Dr. Madalene Spezialetti

Director of Film Studies

    Jeff Bemiss

    Jeff Bemiss

    Film Instructor

    Director of Coaching Colburn

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